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OK. I realize that I did not get any pictures of my beer last night. And thus, this post will contain no actual photos of beer. But remember back in this post when I said I wanted the blog to be about more than just beer, I wanted it to be about life, with beer as the conversation starter?

OK well I’m completely rebelling against my own new direction here, because now TRAMPLED BY TURTLES is the conversation starter.


That’s right. We saw/heard/danced to Trampled by Turtles at the 9:30 Club last night. Which has awesome beer. We tried to take a picture of ourselves…

Ooops...a little off-center there...

And then we tried again….

Someone needs to open his eyes...

And then stopped being annoying with our flash.

So meanwhile, while we were listening to these guys:

Singing this:

And this:

And this:

I was paying tribute to local brewing by drinking a Stateside Saison from Stillwater Artisinal Ales in Baltimore, a Jomo Lager from Starr Hill in Charlottesville (the same brewery we had at our wedding! Well, had beers from. We didn’t have the actual brewery there), and a Red Stripe from Jamaica because it was too hard to communicate to the bartender what complicated-sounding beer I wanted with the band cranked up to 11 and Dan just wanted something cheap, so it was easier to say “two Red Stripes” than it was to say anything else. I was also dancing. And smiling ear to ear. And yes, maybe spilling beer from time to time out of enthusiasm + clumsiness.

But who cares when you’re listening to these guys?

No one. That's who. Because this is all that matters. No other sound on earth makes my soul as happy as their fiddles do.

So much energy. So much great music. And we did the impossible afterwards: snagged a cab home at V and 8th right after the concert. If you’ve ever tried to avoid the metro and get home by cab from DC at 1 in the morning, you know what a feat this is, because there are no cabs in DC at 1 in the morning, because everyone is already in them and driving away from you.


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