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I know I’ve been MIA (and what else is new?). I promise an epic honeymoon recap of how we ate, drank, walked, trained (like the transportation…not like trained for a decathlon), made friends, hiked, caroused, and breath-takingly-sight-saw our way through Germany and Austria. And how the unpasteurized German and Austrian beer is better than anything German you will get in a bottle thousands of miles away. Freshness = 9/10ths of the law. And perhaps even a little wedding recap, since we had local selections from Starr Hill Brewery at our reception, and incorporated beer into the ceremony.

But there are literally hundreds of photos, and the task is a little daunting.

For now I leave you with this tantalizing photo to tide you over:

smoked baltic porter 3.jpg

Great Divide’s Smoked Baltic Porter. Smokey. Soul-warming. Perfect.

….Oh OK. One more picture.


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